POWERcondens develops and produces systems for the efficient use of exhaust heat of oil and gas heating systems.


Our range includes exhaust heat exchanger for the utilization of waste heat, neutralization systems and condensation pumps to treat acid containing condensate, as well as condensate traps to prevent the emission of harmful carbon monoxide.


As industry specialists we stand for quality, customer service and flexibility. If you are searching for intelligent solutions and innovative thinking, POWERcondens is the right choice.


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We are confident in what we do. Quality and innovation inform our products, respect and fairness our service.


Lukas Kesser & Kalim Ghulam
Owner POWERcondens

Longtime partners

POWERcondens works closely with internationally known companies in the heating industry. These companies sell POWERcondens products. The quality of the products, as well as the flexibility and the attractive terms, will convince you to work together with our Swiss company.

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